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Test Cases

Test cases play a central role in MATRIX, since the multi-hazard and multi-risk methodologies and approaches explored in WP2-WP6 must eventually be applied into real world conditions.

Test cases are ideally suited to study the potential and limitations of the new multi-hazard and multi-risk analysis methodologies, allowing constraints provided by data uncertanties, lack of data and variable resolution to be studied. The experience gained in the detailed analysis of test cases are of critical importance when formulating recommendations on decision support for mitigation and adaptation and ultimately, for the dissemination of the results and products of MATRIX.


Test cases also provide the framework to implement

  • the common IT backbone
  • data management strategies.

All codes developed will be embedded into a consistent open-source IT platform.
This includes

  • the development and application of proper visualisation / presentation tools of the results at various spatial and temporal scales
  • a common database that accomodates the different hazard types and exposure data.

The framework will allow

  • deterministic, scenario based analysis
  • fully probabilistic, multi-hazard and multi-risk analysis.


The selected MATRIX test cases cover a wide range of spatial and temporal scales, potential hazards and risks, and finally a good availability of hazards, risk and exposure data. In addition to three real sites, Naples in Italy, Cologne in Germany and the French West Indies, we are also constructing a 'virtual city'. The virtual city approach allows us to perform detailed sensitivity studies and validation experiments in 'clean room' conditions. It also serves as a blueprint to instigate future case studies.