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MATRIX coordination

Prof. Dr. Jochen Zschau

GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences

D-14473 Potsdam
Tel.: +49 311 288-1200
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Project Meetings

During the project, a number of management and progress meetings, in addition to the annual meeting, will be held.  This is to ensure the effective undertaking and achievement of the project's goals. During the annual meetings, representatives of other related projects and the national disaster response platforms will be invited, and their views and suggestions will be most welcomed.


Lead Partner / Place
Kick-off Meeting
Potsdam, Germany
Progress Meeting
Month 6 (04.04.2011)

Vienna, Austria
1st Annual Meeting
Month 12 (10.-12.10.2011)
Paris, France
Progress Meeting
Month 18 (23.04.2012)
Vienna, Austria
2nd Annual Meeting
Month 24 (29.-31.10.2012)
Naples, Italy
Progress Meeting
Month 30 (11.04.2013)
Vienna, Austria
Final Project Meeting
Month 36 (16.-18.09.2013)
Potsdam, Germany