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EU Projects

All listed EU Projects according to the European Commission - European Research on Natural Hazards (Catalogue of FP7 Projects).


I. Projects related to Vulnerability

MOVE - Methods for the improvement of Vulnerability Assessment in Europe

ENSURE - Enhancing Resilience of Communities and Territories Facing Natural and Na-tech Hazards


II. Projects related to Floods

IMPRINTS - Improving Preparedness and Risk Management for Flash Floods and Debris Flow Events

CORFU - Collaborative research on Flood Resilience in Urban Areas


III. Projects related to Storms

MICORE - Morphological Impacts and Coastal Risks induced by Extreme storm events


IV. Projects related to Landslides

SAFELAND - Living with Landslide Risks in Europe


V. Projects related to Droughts

XEROCHORE - An Exercise to Assess Research Needs and Policy Choices in Areas of Drought

DEWFORA - Improved Drought Early Warning and Forecasting to strengthen preparedness and adaptation to droughts in Africa

DROUGHT-R&SPI - Fostering European Drought Research and Science-Policy Interfacing


VI. Projects related to Social Science

CAPHAZ-NET - Social Capacity Building for Natural Hazards towards more Resilient Societies

CONHAZ - Cost of Natural Hazards

EMBRACE - Building Resilience amongst Communities in Europe


VII. Projects related to Earthquakes

SHARE - Seismic Hazard Assessment in Europe

SYNER-G - Systemic Seismic Vulnerability and Risk Analysis for Buildings, Lifeline Networks and Infrastructures Safety Gain

REAKT - Strategies and tools for Real Time Earthquake Risk Reduction


VIII. Projects related to Volcanoes

MIAVITA - Mitigate and Assess risk from Volcanic Impact on Terrain and Human Activities

VUELCO - Volcanic unrest in Europe and Latin America: Phenomenology, eruption precursors, hazard forecast, and risk mitigation


IX. Projects related to Forest Fires

FUME - Forest fires under climate, social and economic changes in Europe, the Mediterranean and other fire-affected areas of the world


X. Projects related to Multi-Risk and Risk Prevention

KULTURISK - Knowledge-based approach to develop a Culture of Risk Prevention

MATRIX - New Multi-Hazard and Multi-Risk Assessment Methods for Europe

CATALYST - Capacity Development for Hazard Risk Reduction and Adaptation

SENSUM - Framework to Integrate Space-based an In-situ sENSing for dynamic vUlnerability and recovery Monitoring


XI. Additional information on relevant projects in other sub-activities of the Environment Programme

Sub-activity Environmental Technologies / Cultural Heritage

FLOODPROBE - Technologies for the cost-effective Flood Protection of the Built Environment

SMARTEST - Smart resilience technology, systems and tools

FIRESENSE - Fire Detection and Management through a Multi-Sensor Network for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Areas from the Risk of Fire and Extreme Weather Conditions

NIKER - New Integrated Knowledge Based Approaches to the Protection of Cultural Heritage from Earthquake-Induced Risk

PERPETUATE - Performance-based approach to earthquake protection of cultural heritage in european and Mediterranean countries

Sub-activity Natural Resources

FIRESMART - Forest and land Management Options to prevent unwanted Forest Fires

CLUVA - Climate change and Urban Vulnerability in Africa